The Memory of Sagittarius

Memorable events in the History of Sagittarius

Date Event
??-??-197? Old pictures from the Archive of Sagittarius
April 1995 Sagittarius Goes WWW
May 1995 Arcadia is Flooded
17-Sep-1995 Kennemerronde at Achilles (Marcelo's home Club)
10-Dec-1995 The Face-to-Face visit to Eindhoven
19-Dec-1995 The Christmas Shootingparty
21-Jan-1996 The Annual FITA indoor 25 meters
20-Mar-1996 The First World University Archery Championships
15-Sep-1996 Kennemerronde at Achilles (Marcelo's home Club)
8-Dec-1996 The Face-to-Face visit to Eindhoven
1997/1998Jeroen Hasperhoven on antactica
12 dec 2004Face 2 Face 2004

Old Pictures

(1164x594, 107728 bytes)

This is a very old picture of our outdoor range (located behind the Campus Supermarket, the Casper). At the time this photo was taken, the original artwork ("the Stemafoor") was still hanging from the metal frame. At the far end, you can see a small buiding just before the protective hill, it used to be a place where we stored targets and stuff. Unfortunately we don't know who the people are that are shooting on this picture....
This picture was taken when our outdoor range was taken into use (1976?).

team-photo 197?
(659x1024, 80388 bytes)

We think this is a picture of all the contenders of the first (?) organized tournament by Sagittarius. We don't know who are on this picture, but we would really like to know! If you know any of these people, please inform us.
We also don't know what year this picture was taken, or any other details about this picture :-(

(670x1280, 114738 bytes)

Is this picture from the same year as the previous picture? We have recognized the switchbox we still use to signal which group (A, B, C, D) is on.

Group 1995/1996

group 1995/1996
(538x815, 65813 bytes)

A picture of some of the members in the 1995/1996 academic year.
(top, from left to right)
top row: Dave Boers, Otto van Donselaar, Jeroen Hasperhoven, Alban Hertroys, Dave Munneke, Rogier Steehouder, Rogier van Noorlo, Tjalling Hatting.
bottom row: Gert Beumer, Judith van Oven, Michiel Schut, Simon Oosthoek and Marcelo Müller

Face to Face 1995

Face to Face Ladies semifinals
A report with 12 pictures behind smaller images
(total size: 100 KB for the page with smaller images, 600 KB for the 12 images)

In the weekend of 8, 9 and 10 December 1995, a number of members of Sagittarius went to see the TOP Face to Face tournament in Eindhoven. This is the report for the event (Recurve finals only, as we were only there on Sunday).

First World University Archery Championship 1996

Poster for this event
Our report

After a hectic period of preparation 5 members of Sagittarius and 2 from the Dutch National Team went to the first World University Archery Championships in Vaulx-en-Velin (Lyon, France). This is our report, with pictures, results and a nice story.

Face to Face 1996

Two (almost) Identical Brownings of Magnus Petterson
A report, an overview of the history of this tournament, photos, results and an explanation of the format

This year (8 December 1996), Dave, Marcelo and Simon were again present at finals of the famous TOP Face to Face tournament in Eindhoven.
On this page, more information can be found about the tournament itself. The finals proceeded much like last year (with a few different archers), so not much about the details. Beautiful pictures though!

Jeroen Hasperhoven on Antarctica 1997/1998

Jeroen with the Sagittarius flag on Antarctica
Sagittarius on the Antarctic!
Jeroen Hasperhoven sends pictures from his job in Ardery...

Visit to the New Face 2 Face tournament 2004?

Face 2 Face 2004, Amsterdam
Face 2 Face 2004
Hopefully we will visit the coming Face 2 Face tournament in Amsterdam in December 2004

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