A weird night

25 May 1995

It seemed like an ordinary quiet night at the shooting range. We had shot for a while and were just doing some 'apres shoot' when one of the lockers next to the bar fell over. At first we thought somebody was eavesdropping or so, but when we took a closer look, the floor had burst open and water came pouring out of the hole in the floor. We really couldn't believe what was happening!

We know that outdoor shooting can get you very wet indeed, but now it was indoors as well! Within minutes, there was about five inches of water on the range. Equipment and other stuff that shouldn't get wet were quickly brought to safety. Electricity was switched off wherever possible to prevent short-circuiting or worse. We called the campus alarm number, assuming that the water main had burst. The person on the other side said they would look into it. As we expected somebody would rush to the rescue, one of us went to the door to wait. It appeared that it was pouring down heavily with rain. It was the kind of rain you get wet from just by looking at it. Now we assumed something was wrong with the sewer, even worse, especially considering we shoot in the basement of the Chemical Technology building!

After having climbed on some platform and seeing all the water pass through the range and out the front door, we still could not quite figure out what had happened. After about fifteen minutes, the flow slowed down. Now we realised we had left our drinks on the bar. As we already did have wet feet, we decided it would be a shame to let our drinks go to waste, so we went back to the bar and sat there, watching the water flow by. It looked a bit like those swimming pools that have a bar in the water.

After another while, we could also have a closer look at the hole. The hole appeared to be some kind of water outlet with a plug on it, covered sand and some pavement stones. The pressure of the rainwater had lifted it up, allowing gallons of water to flow freely. Some deranged architect must have been completely bonkers when designing this building. I know where we shoot is only the basement, but every normal person wouldn't put a water outlet there! We just couldn't really find the right words for it, and I have trouble finding them right now, I still can't believe I got wet feet in an indoor range!

All in all, it appears to be normal, so next time we just will keep on doing what we were doing, being it shooting or drinking. The only thing we might apply for at the University is some life- jackets, as some of our members dont know how to swim.

Note: After some time I told one of our members, who has been with the club longer, about what happened. He wasn't surprised and told me that what happened was quite normal. The only unusual thing was that it happened while somebody was actually there.
You report just it and, after some time, maintenance comes and plugs the hole.


Another month or so later, we were told to move our coffee corner as there was some digging to be done. We moved everything away (gave us the chance to sweep the floor under the closets and refrigerators, I won't tell how it looked like, but it wasn't a pretty sight...) and a few days later, a pipe was fitted from the hole to the aoutdoor wall, all under the ground. This should probably prevent flooding in the future, so the flood of 25 May 1995 was the last flood in our shooting range (We hope!)