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Target Archery Club
Achilles Alkmaar

Hon. Secretary:
Fred J. Ris
Kennemerstraatweg 363
1852 ND Heiloo

Achilles Alkmaar will host several competitions in 1996.

All competitions will be held at our own venue:
Sportpark "De Viaanse Molen", Havinghastraat, Alkmaar.

If you are in the area, please feel free to drop by. We usually shoot Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

July is declared "The English Month", so two English rounds are held:

On 7 July 1996 Achilles will host a longbow round. No other disciplines allowed.
The round will consist of 48 arrows at 60 yards, 36 arrows at 50 yards and 24 arrows at 40 yards.

On 21 July 1996 a long Windsor Round will be held.
This round consists of 48 arrows at 80 yards and 48 arrows at 60 yards.

At the end of the outdoor season, on 15 September 1996, we also host our Kennemerronde, this is usually the last outdoor tournament for most people, so the atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed.

More details to follow.

Feel free to mail me for more details:

Marcelo Müller