Dutch National Archery Records

This is not "Official", I take no blame for errors, but please point them out to me if you find any.



25 Meter, 1 Arrow ends

Indoor Olympic

25 metres, 60 arrows591Erwin Verstegen03-12-1989575J. van Rozendaal05-03-1989
18 metres, 60 arrows592F. van Zutphen577L. Arjannikova
18+25 metres, 60 arrows587Erwin Verstegen09-02-1992575L. Arjannikova06-03-1994
18+25 metres, 120 arrows1172Erwin Verstegen03-12-19891148J. van Rozendaal05-03-1986

25 metres, 60 arrows587N. van Bakel574C. Verstegen
18 metres, 60 arrows581W. van Alten569W. van Ool
18+25 metres, 60 arrows578Erwin Verstegen570C. Verstegen
18+25 metres, 120 arrows1136W. van Alten1136C. Verstegen


25 metres, 60 arrows1747Rozenjagers
18 metres, 60 arrows1745Rozenjagers
18+25 metres, 60 arrows1737Rozenjagers
18+25 metres, 120 arrows3418Rozenjagers

Indoor Compound

25 metres, 60 arrows579G. v/d Bosch569I. Luyting
18 metres, 60 arrows588P. Roof575I. Luyting
18+25 metres, 60 arrows
18+25 metres, 120 arrows1116I. Luyting

25 metres, 60 arrows571S. Wit511P. Walenkamp
18 metres, 60 arrows566B. Mooren
18+25 metres, 60 arrows564B. Mooren
18+25 metres, 120 arrows1136S. Wit

Teams (men/women)

25 metres, 60 arrows1699Landbouwers Eendracht
18 metres, 60 arrows1703Czaar Peter

Outdoor Olympic

Single Fita Round1342W. van Alten1337L. Arjannikova20-05-1995
Double FITA Round2660Henk Vogels13-09-19942631Christel Verstegen07-08-1993
90 metres323Erwin Verstegen21-08-199470 m329Christel Verstegen12-08-1993
70 metres343W. van Alten60 m337L. Arjannikova20-05-1995
50 metres 341W. van Alten50 m327Christel Verstegen09-09-1993
30 metres 357Henk Vogels21-6-199130 m353L. Arjannikova23-04-1995
Short Metric683G. Koonings655A. Smits

Single Fita Round1342W. van Alten1285Christel Verstegen
Double FITA Round2576W. van Alten2527Christel Verstegen
90 metres314W. van Alten70 m317Christel Verstegen
70 metres343W. van Alten60 m333W. van Ool
50 metres 341W. van Alten50 m317Christel Verstegen
30 metres 353W. van Alten30 m346M. van Dorst
Short Metric664Erwin Verstegen652Christel Verstegen

Men's Team

Single Fita Round3896Rozenjagers
Double FITA Round7756Rozenjagers

Women's Team

Single Fita Round3428HSV Heyen
Double FITA Round5451Concordia

Outdoor Compound

Single Fita Round1330Ton van Gorp08-05-19941313M. Pigney19-06-1995
Double FITA Round2650Ton van Gorp08-08-19942610I. Luyting
90 metres325G. van de Bosch02-07-199570 m322M. Pigney26-05-1994
70 metres334R. Donders02-07-199560 m332M. Pigney01-07-1995
50 metres 336P. Roof18-06-199550 m332M. Pigney19-06-1995
30 metres 348Ton van Gorp26-06-199530 m340I. Luyting06-08-1995

Single Fita Round1309B. Mooren1038P. Walenkamp
Double FITA Round2601B. Mooren
90 metres318B. Mooren70 m241P. Walenkamp
70 metres333B. Mooren60 m287P. Walenkamp
50 metres 328B. Mooren50 m197P. Walenkamp
30 metres 342B. Mooren30 m313P. Walenkamp

Men's Team

Single Fita Round3944Landbouwers Eendracht

25 Meter, 1 Arrow ends.

30 Arrows

Men295M. van Sleeuwen
Women288T. Pfennings-Hendrickx
Juniors289T. Prüst
Veterans282B. van Limbeek

50 Arrows

Men491H. v.d.Oetelaar
Women480A. Smits
Juniors490E. Verstegen
Veterans476J. Sanders


I want to thank the "Bondsburo" of the Dutch Archery Association for providing me with this information so quickly and completely

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