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Small Linux

For example useful when you want to use Linux embedded.

Most of this list was originally compiled by my friend Bob Paddock <>,,

Best small Linux's according to Bob: muLinux Project Home Page tomsrtbt home page

Other small Linux's: -=[ oNe DiSK LiNuX HoWTo ]=- /public/ftp/pub/Linux/system/recovery DLX Distribution Homepage Floppix - Linux on 2 floppies floppyfw Fluf - Linux na jednu disketu FREESCO - free replacement for commercial routers Index of /brutalware linux embedded and related stuff Linux Router Project LOAF muLinux Project Home Page Small Linux - Small Kernel Project The Xdenu Home Page tomsrtbt home page Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit YARD Homepage Axel Boldt's Free Software Projects

Odd related, but not small linux stuff: The everyday guide to using linux! Linux Math solver programs The Linux Lab project Home Page LinuxLots- Main page BLYNX: Support for Blind and Visually impaired Lynx Users.! - UDF Filesystem Linux Euphoria Directory listing of Bruce D. Lightner

Other small 386 based OS's: V2 Operating System From QNX Bob Paddock's RTOS*.

And more: Metalab's Linux Archive Linux Documentation Project

Distributions Debian, for the hard-core masochists Caldera Corel Mandrake (I'm using this now, I like it very much, Jaap) Redhat Suse Walnut Creek, Slackware

Sellers: Sells a lot of them, cheap!

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