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Great Deals on Excess Computers, Peripherals and Components!
FairMarket is the leading auction site on the Internet offering excess semiconductors and computer products.
FairMarket is designed specifically for VAR's, OEM's, SI's, retailers and corporations who desire to save money on their purchases.
They use some sort of auctioning system.

Fidalgo Components
tel: +1-360-299-2414
fax: +1-360-299-2356

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Flex Electronics
Flex Electronics
421 Degraw Suite 5F
Brooklyn, NY 11217
tel: +1-718-858-1840
Chip brokering.

Freetradezone: Most massive electronic components database!
Freetradezone: Enormous component database!

Free Trade Zone
(This is a brand name of Partminer.)
Free Trade Zone
80 Ruland Road
Melville, NY 11747
USA Partminer, Inc. The Free Trade Zone

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Order scarce chips via the Chipdir

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