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XT Interface

40-pin cable

1.0 XT Host/drive interface pin assignments

Pin Signal Direction for host Description
1 RES Out Bus Reset signal
3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17 DATA BUS Bi-directional Used for transferring Status, Data and Control information.
19 GND Ground
20 Key An unused pin, which is clipped off at the drive to prevent incorrect cable attachment.
21 AEN Out Host address enable, which is asserted during a DMA* cycle to disable the decoding of I/O port addresses.
23 /IOW Out Host I/O write signal for writing data to an I/O port address.
25 /IOR Out Host I/O read signal for reading data from an I/O port address.
27 /DACK Out DMA* acknowledge signal asserted in response to the DMA* Request signal. This signal enables DMA* data transfer when either /IOR or /IOW signals are active.
29 DRQ In DMA* Request asserted by the drive to initiate a DMA* transfer.
31 IRQ In Interupt Request asserted by the drive to cause an interrupt to the host.
33,35 SA1,SA0 Out Host I/O address lines 0 and 1 for selecting the drive's I/O ports.
37 /CS Out Card Select signal asserted by the host to address the drive's I/O ports.
39 /ACTIVE In Drive Activity signal asserted by the drive when it is processing a command. Can be used to drive an external LED indicator.

Note: All other even-numbered pins are ground.

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