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Intel's i960 Microcontroller family



DeviceSpeed (MHz)3.3 Volt OperationData Bus WidthMultiplexed BusInstruction CacheData CacheData RAMFPUGuarded Memory UnitSuperscalarTimersDMA*Interrupt ControllerPackage
80960SA10, 16, 20No16Yes512 bytesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoYesN, S
80960SB10, 16No16Yes512 bytesNoNoYesNoNoNoNoYesN, S
80960KA16, 20, 25No32Yes512 bytesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoYesA, NG
80960KB16, 20, 25No32Yes512 bytesNoNoYesNoNoNoNoYesA, NG
80960CA16, 25, 33No32No1 KbyteNo1KbyteNoNoYesNoYesYesA, KU
80960CF16, 25, 33No32No4 Kbytes1Kbyte1KbyteNoNoYesNoYesYesA, KU
80960JA16, 25, 33No32Yes2 Kbytes1Kbyte1KbyteNoNoNo2 32-BitNoYesA, NG
80960JF16, 25, 33No32Yes4 Kbytes2Kbytes1KbyteYesNoNo2 32-BitNoYesA, NG
80L960JA16, 25Yes32Yes2 Kbytes1Kbyte1KbyteNoNoNo2 32-BitNoYesA, NG
80L960JF16, 25Yes32Yes4 Kbytes2Kbytes1KbyteYesNoNo2 32-BitNoYesA, NG
80960JD33/16, 50/25No32Yes4 Kbytes2Kbytes1KbyteNoNoNo2 32-BitNoYesA, NG
80960HA25, 33, 40Yes32No16 Kbytes8Kbytes2KbytesNoYesYes2 32-BitNoYesA, FC
80960HD*33/16, 50/25, 66/33Yes32No16 Kbytes8Kbytes2KbytesNoYesYes2 32-BitNoYesA, FC
80960HT75/25Yes32No16 Kbytes8Kbytes2KbytesNoYesYes2 32-BitNoYesA, FC
80960RP33No 32PCI4 Kbytes2Kbytes1Kbyte NoNoNoYesYesYesFW

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The C39601 / C39602 'all-in-one' System Solution chip provides an easy and economical way to implement a high- performance computer sub-system for embedded applications. The C39601/2 comprises a comprehensive set of control and interface functions. Together with an i80960H CPU and memory components, the C39601/2 implements a complete 32-bit embedded RISC computer.

Outstanding performance and a high level of integration makes the C39601/2 the best choice for the implementation of embedded cores into applications such as laser printer engines, network routers, LAN switch management, protocol analyzers and many others.

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Date: 19961206
Subject: Re: Emulators

We have emulator support for many of the 960 processors. Both full
featured CodeICE and the lower cost CodeTAP to support Software
Engineers. We also have VSP-TAP for the 960 which is a simulation
product. Which of the 960 processors will you be working with? I
will be happy to get information to you.

Mike Dunkle
960 Product Manager
Applied Microsystems

I/O processsor

Date: 19970204
To: Intel Customers <>
Subject: Announcing The New i960(R) RD I/O Processor From Intel

The new i960(R) I/O Processor will bring higher throughput and more enterprise capabilities to servers.

The i960 RD I/O processor is Intel's second generation I/O processor supporting the I2O standardized Intelligent I/O architecture. It can relieve host CPUs of interrupt-intensive tasks, enabling better performing, more scalable servers.

The i960 RD I/O processor is already appearing on new motherboard designs. Manufacturers of servers and motherboards can offer their customers capabilities such as online backup and server management--integrated directly onto the motherboard--because of the I/O processor's ability to support multiple functions.

For more detailed information, please visit our website:

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