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Transputer technical notes from INMOS

From: Colin Whitby-Strevens
Date: 19880907

These can be obtained from INMOS distributors, sales offices or by contacting customer services in Colorado Springs +1-719-630-4000 or Bristol +44-454-616616.

72-TCH-000-00 - A Transputer Based Radio-Navigation System
72-TCH-001-01 - Extraordinary Use of Transputer Links
72-TCH-002-00 - The Transputer Based Navigation System: An Example of Testing Embedded Systems
72-TCH-003-01 - Getting Started With The TDS
72-TCH-004-00 - TDS Eprom Programming
72-TCH-005-01 - Program Design For Concurrent Systems
72-TCH-006-02 - IMS T800 Architecture
72-TCH-007-01 - Exploiting Concurrency: A Ray Tracing Example
72-TCH-008-00 - IMS B010 NEC Add-In Board
72-TCH-009-01 - Designing With The IMS T414 and IMS T800 Memory Interface
72-TCH-010-00 - IMS B003 Design of a Multi-Transputer Board
72-TCH-011-00 - IMS B004 IBM PC Add-In Board
72-TCH-012-01 - IMS B007 A Transputer Based Graphics Board
72-TCH-013-00 - Transputer Networks Using The IMS B003
72-TCH-014-00 - IMS B006: A Single Board Computer Using 9 X IMS T212 Transputers
72-TCH-015-00 - IMS B005 Design of a Disk Controller Board with Drives
72-TCH-016-02 - Occam Program Development Using the IMS D700D Transputer Development System
72-TCH-017-00 - Performance Maximisation
72-TCH-018-00 - Connecting INMOS Links
72-TCH-019-01 - Designs and Applications for the IMS C004
72-TCH-020-00 - Communication Processes and Occam
72-TCH-021-01 - The Transputer Implementation of occam
72-TCH-022-00 - Communicating Process Computers
72-TCH-023-00 - Compiling occam into Silicon
72-TCH-024-01 - Exploring Multiple Transputer Arrays
72-TCH-026-00 - Notes on Graphics Support and Performance Improvements on the IMS T800
72-TCH-027-01 - Lies Damned Lies and Benchmarks
72-TCH-028-01 - Occam Input and Output Procedures for the TDS
72-TCH-029-02 - Dual* Inline Transputer Modules (TRAMs)
72-TCH-031-01 - Configuring Occam Programs
72-TCH-032-00 - Security Aspects of occam 2
72-TCH-036-01 - A Transputer Based Multi-user Flight Simulator
72-TCH-037-00 - High Performance Graphics With the IMS T800
72-TCH-038-00 - Implementing Data Structures and Recursion in occam
72-TCH-046-00 - A Transputer Based Distributed Graphics Display
72-TCH-049-00 - Module and Motherboard Architecture
72-TCH-050-00 - Using the IMS M212 With the MS-DOS Operating System
72-TCH-051-00 - Simpler Real-Time Programming with the Transputer

Geraint Jones
Programming Research Group
Oxford University Computing Laboratory
11 Keble Road
Oxford OX1 3QD

Transputer mailing list

The transputer mailing list is a mailing list for messages discussing the Transputer and Transputer based systems. Submissions should be of non-proprietary nature and be concerned with, but not limited to:

To subscribe to the transputer mailing list, send e-mail to or to whichever is likely to be 'nearer' to your site.

Geraint Jones
Programming Research Group
Oxford University Computing Laboratory
11 Keble Road
Oxford   OX1 3QD

The OCCAM Language

Transputers are normally programmed in the computer language OCCAM.

The occam user group is an informal institution that holds meetings and publishes newsletters and such.

In the UK, the parent organisation holds a biannual conference which passes under the unassuming title of a 'technical meeting', it publishes a biannual newsletter, and organises a number of special interest groups. The group secretary is

Michael Poole
Software Support
INMOS Limited
1000 Aztec West
Bristol BS12 4SQ
tel: +44-454-616616
fax: +44-454-617910

Because of the Data Protection Act, you will have to sign a piece of paper letting him keep your name on a machine. Membership is however free, thanks to the support of INMOS; all you need to do is to send the secretary your address, he will send you the form. The chairman and general big wheel of the UK group is

Peter Welch                     Tel:      0227 764000 x3629
Computing Laboratory                   +44 227 764000 x3629
The University                  Fax:      0227 762811
Canterbury                             +44 227 762811
KENT    CT2 7NF       

There are occam user groups elsewhere in the world, in particular in the United States of America, Federal Germany, Australia, New Zeland, and Japan. The German group, called Deutschen Occam-Interessengemeinschaft der Transputeranwender, is contactable through one of

J Stender               or      Peter Eckelmann
Brainware Gmbh                  INMOS Gmbh
Gustav-Meyer Allee 25           Danziger Strasse 2
1000 Berlin 65                  8057 Eching
BRD                             BRD

The organiser of the group in North America, which calls itself the North America Transputer User Group is (or can be contacted through)

Mark Hopkins (Secretary)     or Dyke Stiles (Chair)
INMOS Corporation               Electrical Engineering Department
PO Box 16000                    Utah State University
Colorado Springs                Logan
CO 80935                        UT 84322-4120
USA                             USA
(719) 630-4000                  (801)750-2806
                                stiles@usu.bitnet or

The Convenor/Chair/President etc. (his description) of the Australian Transputer and OCCAM User Group is

John Hulskamp
Dept of Communication and Electronic Engineering
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
GPO Box 2476V
Melbourne 3001
tel: (03) 660-2453/2090

In New Zealand you should get in touch with

Dr Ian Graham
Department of Computer Science
University of Waikato
Private Bag
New Zealand

tel: +64-71-562889 ext 8204
fax: +64-71-384066

In Japan, contact

Prof Tosiyasu L Kunii        or Kazuto Matsui
Dept of Information Science     INMOS Japan K.K.
University of Tokyo             4th Floor, No 1 Kowa Building
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku          11-41 Akasaka 1-Chome
Tokyo 113                       Minato-Ku
Japan                           Tokyo 107
(03) 505-2840                   (03) 815-6460

[ My apologies to anyone confused by details
  that I have got wrong through unfamiliarity ]

The occam user group newsletter is published biannually by the parent user group, and available free to its members. The editor is

Geraint Jones
Programming Research Group
Oxford University Computing Laboratory
11 Keble Road
Oxford   OX1 3QD
tel: +44-865-273851
fax: +44-865 273839

and contributions can also be made electronically (indeed, this is the easiest for me) to

The occam user group technical meeting proceedings are the proceedings of the biannual technical meetings (since number seven, in September 1987) organised by the occam user group are available directly from the publishers, who are

IOS                      in USA and Canada    in Japan
Van Diemenstraat 94      IOS                  IOS Japan Dept.
1013 CN Amsterdam        P.O. Box 2848        Highway Development Co. Ltd
The Netherlands          Springfield          1st Golden Bldg, 8-2-9 Ginza
FAX: +31-20-22 60 55     VA 22152-2848        104 Tokyo - Chuoku
Tel: +31-20-38 21 89     USA                  Japan

The occam mailing list is a mailing list for messages discussing occam, including what the language means, implementations of it, what it gets used for, what's written about it, and that sort of thing. That sort of thing includes my posting occasional oug 'business' messages.

To subscribe to the occam mailing list, send e-mail either to or to whichever is likely to be 'nearer' to your site.

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