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Most of the advertising space has already been sold for several quarter years to come. Please email me for more details. The Chipdir is only updated once every six months or so, (and it's getting more and more work...), so having fixed advertisements in the Chipdir really needs commitment and planning ahead etc. Let me know when you're interested in alternative advertising schemes like text ad's at the bottom of the pages or to bid for more prestigious ad spots.

By the way, alternatively you can also advertise in the Chipdir via the advertisement provider (Intel also advertises on my site that way, I think. ;-) This way you'll only get bottom of the page ads but you pay per click so it doesn't really matter unless 'glammer' is part of your advertising campagne... But why advertise in a grass roots site like the Chipdir then? ;-)

Freetradezone: Most massive electronic components database!

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I've just visited ChipDir for the first time, there's only one thing to say.... WOW :-)
Great Job!
Markus Christen from Switzerland