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Asking a question

I like getting email, but I already get a lot of it, so to save you and me time please check the next list. It will often give you the standard answer that you would get from me (after a day or a couple of days) anyway.

Do you want:

You want a datasheet or databook

I haven't got serious facilities to provide datasheets or databooks or copies of them.

Try this:

Other sites with a lot of chip data are: Site is in Russian, but the chip data is mostly in English. They mirror the Chipdir in Moscov. Lots of data but you need to register first! Lots of data. They mirror the Chipdir in Texas as! Only for memory chips. You need to register first. They advertise in the Chipdir.

You want a description or the manufacturer of a strange chip.

Always check the numerical and prefix listings in the Chipdir first.
Then subscribe to the Chipdir mailing list and ask there.

Mention as much as possible of:

I read that Chipdir mailing list too and when nobody answers your question I generally look up the chip on Nova/Elrad's IC-Scout CD-ROM and post the results back on the Chipdir mailing list. (Make sure the subject line is something like 'looking for description of SN74LS00').
You can also check other WWW sites like See the main page for more of them.

You want to buy some chips.

The following requests are usual:

You want a serious amount of scarce chips

(For example for production purposes). Any amount of chips (of a single kind) that you're willing to pay say $200 or more ($100 when you're in the USA...) for, is a serious amount.

This is no problem. Email me.
Mention the exact and complete chip name, manufacturer and indicate the amount of those chips that you want. (We really don't know, but you do and there is big difference between having to find 10, 100, 1000 or 10000 chips!) You can also request separate quotes for a couple of amounts. (Or ask separate costs for shipping, handling, banking etc.) and the chips itself. (Or you can easily estimate it yourself, when you know what these things cost... ;-)
Also mention the package if it's not DIP and any other special requests you may have. Generally we'll look for new and factory sealed stuff, so mention if you also would accept 'refurbished' chips... When the new chips are extraordinairily expensive we usually ask you to consider those cheaper ones also.
Please also put the chip name and amount in the subject line of the message. We get a lot of these requests and this makes it easy to tell the messages apart...

You want non-scarce chips

Generally it's much cheaper to locate your local distributor and ask him. He can also provide you with other services like data sheets and stocking chips in your behalf etc. He can also ask the manufacturer to produce extra chips for you etc.
Most distributors don't like small orders. Try to order them from mail order companies like Digikey, Farnell and Avnet's Hamilton Hallmark.
URL comment Germany UK UK Germany Germany (an Arrow company)
To check out the inventories of about 20 of this kind of suppliers, download the free software from See the ad that is currently on top of almost all the pages in the Chipdir. (Win95 and NT only, unfortunately...)
You can also ask if your local electronics retailer can order them for you. He'll combine this with his usual orders which saves a lot of costs for you and the distributor. Some universities have also a central facility for ordering stuff...
When you're looking for small amounts of PC parts like CPU's, SIMM's and cache chips: Try the local PC shops or visit a local PC fair. They are usually much better at these things than chip distributors/dealers and the margins in that market segment are very low...

You want small amounts of scarce chips

This a serious problem, because most people will find using the chip brokerage market for this purpose too expensive ($100 to $400).
When you want to repair something, please consider first if it is worth that much money.
Never use scarce chips for new designs! (Not even if you already have them in your possesion.)
Please consider that asking others via the Internet to find these chips (or their datasheets) may seem to cost nothing, but others will have to spend time and thus money on it. Most people also won't keep doing this for you and will probably stop answering your and other's emails after a while... :-(
Having said this: There is really little use in emailing me or any regular chip broker... (Although we really wish we could help...)

Mirroring the Chipdir

This is generally appreciated when:

How to download and install the Chipdir.

If you want something added to the Chipdir

Unless you want to add company data, please use this form.

Something else

Any other tips, questions, suggestions, stories, encouragements?
That's great, email me!

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