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Manufacturers of filters

(Founded 1979 by a group of Texas Instruments employees)
Sawtek Incorporated
Post Office Box 609501
Orlando, FL 32860-9501
USA General


Founded by a group of Texas Instruments employees with extensive experience in the areas of surface acoustic wave (SAW), device research, design, development, applications, and manufacturing. From the onset, the company's goals were to become the leading supplier of both military and commercial high-performance SAW components while advancing SAW technology. After more than 20 years of dedication, Sawtek is now recognized as a global leader for high performance SAW components and subsystems. Sawtek is the dominant global high-volume SAW supplier to the CDMA handset market as well as the CDMA and GSM base station markets. While continuing to expand its high-volume consumer applications business, Sawtek retains its unique ability to offer custom designs for both Military/Space and emerging market applications.

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