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Manufacturers of material for PCB making

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Polyonics, Inc.
867 Route 12 Unit 4
Westmoreland, NH 03467
tel: +1-603-352-1415
fax: +1-603-352-1936
Manufacturers of specialty label material for harsh industrial environments including PWB's or PCB's.
Largest competitor is W.H. Brady.

Shenzhen Xinbei
Shenzhen Xinbei Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.
Shangbu Commercial Building North 701 Huaqiang Road South.
Shenzhen Guangdon Province
Zipcode: 518033
tel: +86-755-3333133
fax: +86-755-3333913
Specializes in exporting copper foil for many years and has rich experience in this line. Our factory is located in the west part of China where professionally produces 10-mircron, 12-micron, 18-micron, 35-micron, 70-micron and 105-micron electrodeposited copper foils needed by electronic industries (PCB, CCL, lithium battery and polymer lithium battery. Meanwhile supply RA (roll-annealed) copper foil of different specification. For the proportion of Cu, it is above 99.97%. In addition we can supply products according to your requirement. If you are interested in our commodity please contact us promptly.

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