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Chip numbers starting with 186

nr name cat description manufacturer
186 Am186EM mpu PDF (800 Kb) PS (2.9 Mb) AMD*
186 MAX186 adc,spi ADC, 12-bit 8-channel with selectable input polarity and reference Maxim
186 MAX186 8 channel serial 12-bit ADC, pinout MAXIM
186 MAX186 adc Low-Power, 8-Channel, 12-Bit Serial ADC with Track/Hold and Reference Maxim*
186 OP186 amp Single, Low Voltage, Ultralow Power Single-Supply Amplifier, data AD
1861 AD1861 dac 16-Bit/18-Bit, 16 3 FS PCM* Audio DAC's, data AD
1862 AD1862 dac Ultralow Noise 20-Bit Audio DAC, data AD
1863 TR1863 uart UART SMC, WD, AMI:S1602
1864 AD1864 dac Complete Dual* 18-Bit Audio DAC, data AD
1865 AD1865 dac Complete Dual* 18-Bit 16 3 FS Audio DAC, data AD
1866 AD1866 dac Single Supply Dual* 16-Bit Audio DAC, data AD
1866 DS1866 resist The Log Trimmer Potentiometer, PS (125 Kb) Dallas*
1866 ad1866n dac DAC AD
1867 DS1867 resist dual digital Potentiometer with EEPROM, PS (323 Kb) Dallas*
1868 AD1868 dac Single Supply Dual* 18-Bit Audio DAC, data AD
1868 DS1868 resist dual digital Potentiometer Chip, PS (345 Kb) Dallas*
1869 DS1869 temp 3V Dallastat Electronic digital Rheostat, PS (151 Kb) Dallas*

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