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Chip numbers starting with 220

nr name cat description manufacturer
220 CLC220A amp opamp CLC*
220 MAX220 xcvr Low-Power, 5V-Powered, Dual* RS-232 Drivers/Receivers Maxim*
220 OP220 amp Dual* Micropower Operational Amplifier, data AD
2200 PMB2200-S quadrature Phase Modulator Transmitter Circuit (SMD) (Shrink) Siemens
2200 PMB2200-T quadrature Phase Modulator Transmitter Circuit (SMD) Siemens
22001 AD22001 cmp 5-Channel Monolithic Comparator for Lamp Monitoring, data AD
2201 MCT2201 ? OI* PT 100% 6us
2201 X2201A novram 1k*1 NOVRAM Xicor
2205 PMB2205-S quadrature Phase Modulator (SMD) (Shrink) Siemens
2205 PMB2205-T quadrature Phase Modulator (SMD) Siemens
22050 AD22050 amp Single-Supply Sensor Interface Amplifier, data AD
22055 AD22055 amp Single Supply bridge Transducer Amplifier, data AD
22057 AD22057 amp Single Supply Sensor Interface Amplifier, data AD
2206 XR2206 audio,generator Audio generator, many wave forms order from Barend
2206 XR2206 Function Generator, pinout Exar
2206 XR2206 funcgen Monolithic Function Generator, Data Exar
22060 transis General Purpose Transistor NS
2207 XR2207 pll,vco PLL* / VCO order from Barend
2207 XR2207 vco Voltage Controlled Oscillator, Data Exar
2209 KA2209B Stereo Audio Amplifier, pinout Samsung
2209 XR2209 vco Voltage-Controlled Oscillator Exar

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