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Chip numbers starting with 224

nr name cat description manufacturer
224 modem Modem chip, Regs AMD*?
224 LM224 amp quad low-power opamp DIL14, CERDIP14 Philips
224 RC224AT modem 2400 bps Modem Device Set with "AT" Commands Rockwell*
224 RC224EB modem 2400 bps Modem Evaluator Board for RC224AT Rockwell*
2240 MB2240 driver 16-bit inverting buffer/line driver Philips
2240 PMB2240-F telecom GSM/PCN-Transmitter (SMD) Siemens
2241 MB2241 driver 16-bit buffer/line driver Philips
2244 ? TeleMicro Stik, Dallas*
2244 2244 radio FM* stereo decoder Sprague
2244 EL2244CN OP AMP, pinout ELANTEC
2244 MB2244 driver 16-bit buffer/line driver Philips
2245 modem Soft Modem, Dallas*
2245 MB2245 xcvr dual octal transceiver Philips
2245 PEB2245-N Multipoint switching and Conferencing Unit (MUSAC) (SMD) Siemens
2245 PMB2245-F telecom GSM/PCN-Transmitter (SMD) Siemens
22484 transis Low Noise Transistor NS
2249 ? Phantom/European Data Access Arrangement Stik, Dallas*

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