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Chip numbers starting with 403

nr name cat description manufacturer
403 DG403 switch Improved, Dual*, High-Speed analog switch Maxim*
403 MAX403 UPOWER OP-AMP, pinout MAXIM
403 MAX403 amp High-Speed, Low-Voltage, Micropower opamp Maxim*
4030 4030 ~ pinout
4030 CD4030B logic CMOS* Quad* Exclusive-OR Gate NS
4030 HEC4030B logic quadruple EXCLUSIVE-OR gate CERDIP14 Philips
4030 HEF4030B logic quadruple EXCLUSIVE-OR gate DIL14, CERDIP14 Philips
4031 4031 ~ pinout
4031 CD4031B shift CMOS* 64-Bit Static Shift Register NS
4031 HEF4031B shift 64-stage static shift register DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4032 4032 ~ pinout
4032 CD4032B logic CMOS* triple serial adder
4033 4033 ~ pinout
4033 CD4033B counter CMOS* BCD counter + 7 seg decoder with ripple blank
4034 4034 ~ pinout
4034 CD4034B reg CMOS* 8-Stage Bidirectional bus Register NS
4035 4035 ~ pinout
4035 CD4035B shift CMOS* 4 bit PIPO* Shift Register 1.2MHz
4035 HEC4035B shift 4-bit universal shift register CERDIP16 Philips
4035 HEF4035B shift 4-bit universal shift register DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
40373 HEF40373B latch Octal* transparant latch with 3-state DIL20, CERDIP20 Philips
40374 HEF40374B ff Octal* D-type flip-flop DIL20, CERDIP20 Philips
4038 4038 ~ pinout
4038 CD4038B logic CMOS* triple serial adder
40391 AT40391B logic 25-40 MHz 80386DX PC/AT System & Cache Controller
40392 AT40392 logic 25-50 MHz 80386DX PC/AT Memory Controller

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