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Chip numbers starting with 452

nr name cat description manufacturer
452 ADG452 Quad* SPST* Switch with 5 Ohm On, data AD
452 MAX452 video Video amp order from Barend
452 MAX452 cmos video multiplexer/amplifier, pinout maxim
452 MAX452 amp 50MHz CMOS* Video Amplifier Maxim*
4520 4520 counter CMOS* Dual* Synchronous Up Counter 1.5MHz NS
4520 4520 ~ pinout
4520 HCF4520BEY counter cmos dual bin up count ST
4520 HEC4520B counter dual binary counter CERDIP16 Philips
4520 HEF4520B counter dual binary counter DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4521 4521 counter CMOS* 24 stage divider (Q18..Q24) 2.0MHz 12us
4521 HEF4521B divider 24-stage frequency divider DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4522 4522 counter CMOS* 4 bit BCD divide by N counter 1.5MHz
4522 HEF4522B counter Programmable 4-bit BCD down counter DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4526 4526 counter CMOS* 4 bit binary divide by N counter 1.5MHz
4526 HEF4526B counter Programmable 4-bit binary down counter DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4527 4527 counter CMOS* BCD rate multiplier 1.2MHz
4527 4527 ~ pinout
4527 AK4527B codec High-performance, 6-channel, 24-bit Audio CODEC with A/D and D/A 96 kHz sampling AKM*
4527 HEF4527B mult BCD rate multiplier DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips
4528 4528 logic CMOS* Dual* Monostable Multivibrator NS
4528 HEC4528B vibra dual monostable multivibrator Philips
4528 HEF4528B vibra dual monostable multivibrator DIL16, CERDIP16 Philips

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