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Chip numbers starting with 544

nr name cat description manufacturer
544 AD544 amp High Performance, BiFET Operational Amplifiers, data AD
544 NE544 Servo Amplifier, pinout
544 NE544 radio RC receiver Signetics
544 NE544N Sevo Amplifier, pinout Signetics
5440 logic dual 4-Input NAND* Buffer NS
54400 MCM54400 dram 1M*4 DRAM Motorola
54400 MCM5L4400AT dram 1X4-60 TSOP, L.P. Motorola
544002 logic dual 4-Input NOR* Gate NS
544017 counter Decade Counter Divider with 10 Decoded Outputs NS
54402 error Serial Data Polynomial Generator/Checker NS
544020 counter 14-Stage Binary Counter NS
54403 fifo 16*4 First-in First-Out Buffer Memory NS
544040 counter 12-Stage Binary Counter NS
544049 converter hex Inverting Level Down Converter NS
544050 converter hex Level Down Converter NS
54407 ? Data Access Register NS
544075 logic triple 3-Input OR* Gate NS
544078 logic 8-Input NOR*/OR* Gate NS
544100 M5M44100 dram 4M*1 DRAM Mitsubishi
54413 fifo 64*4 FIFO* Buffer Memory with Serial and Parallel I/O* NS
544160 M5M44160 dram 256k*16 DRAM Mitsubishi
544170 M5M44170 dram 256k*16 DRAM Mitsubishi
544190 M5M44190 dram 256k*18 DRAM Mitsubishi
5442 converter BCD to Decimal Decoder NS
5442 mux 1-of-10 Decoder NS
5442256 M5M442256AL dram 256X4-80 VIDEO ZIP Mitsubishi
544256 M5M44C256BP dram 256k*4 Fast Pagemode DRAM Mitsubishi*
544258 M5M44258 dram 256k*4 DRAM static column Mitsubishi
544260 M5M44260 dram 256k*18 DRAM Mitsubishi
544280 M5M44280 dram 256k*18 DRAM Mitsubishi
544400 M5M44400 dram 1M*4 DRAM Mitsubishi
54447 converter BCD to 7-Segment Decoder/Driver NS
544511 converter BCD to 7-Segment Latch/Decoder/Driver NS
544514 mux 4-to-16 Line Decoder with latch NS
544538 osc? dual Retriggerable Monostable Multivibrator NS
544543 converter BCD to 7-Segment Latch/Decoder/Driver NS
54464 M5M4464 dram 64*4 DRAM Mitsubishi
5447 converter BCD to 7-Segment Decoder/Driver NS
5448 converter BCD to 7-Segment Decoder NS
544800 M5M44800 dram 512k*8 DRAM Mitsubishi
5449 converter BCD to 7-Segment Decoder NS
54490 counter dual Decade Counter NS
544900 M5M44900 dram 512k*9 DRAM Mitsubishi

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