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Chip numbers starting with 94

nr name cat description manufacturer
940 CLC940A amp Track/Hold Amplifier CLC*
9400 9400CJ Freq. to Volt/Volt to Freq., pinout
9400 TSC9400CJ vco F-V Tel
9402 TSC9402 , pinout
941 MAX941 cmp 3V and 5V, 75ns, Rail-to-Rail Input Comparator Maxim*
942 CLC942A amp Track/Hold Amplifier CLC*
942 MAX942 cmp dual, 3V and 5V, 75ns, Rail-to-Rail Input Comparator Maxim*
94250 VCS94250 mcu PCI/SSA IO* processor, Family
944 logic dual 4-Input Extendable NAND* Buffer Gate (Open Collector) NS
944 LXT944 network Universal Quad* Ethernet Interface Adapter Phylon
944 MAX944 cmp quad, 3V and 5V, 75ns, Rail-to-Rail Input Comparator Maxim*
944516 mpu 16-Bit MPU NS
9450 glue 1750A bus controller NS
9450 F9450 cpu See 1750 Fairchild
9451 mmu F9450 MMU* NS
9464 9464A clock Clock Controller
947 clock Low Voltage 1:9 Clock Distribution Chip Motorola*
948 clock Low Voltage 1:12 Clock Distribution Chip Motorola*
9480 HT9480 telecom Pager Controller, pinout Holtek
9483 AD9483 adc Triple* 8-Bit Monolithic A/D Converter, data AD
9491 TSC9491 volt volt ref 1.22V Tel
9495 TSC9495 volt volt ref 5V Tel
9496 TSC9496 volt volt ref 10V Tel

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