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So please, go tell your mom, your neighbour, the owner of the page you came from, etc. and UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARK !!!

Actually it's not moved but it's moving to a new domain name. Also the /stefan/el/el.html is now moved to /el which is much more logic and easier to type etc.

Why? Well, this server (which is only a simple 486-66 with 20 Mbytes running Linux) is connected to room 9 of our student flat (no really, I'm not a student). If the inhabitant of room 9 (Sjoed) would ever move out and the new inhabitant would want to use this connection him-/herself then this page wouldn't be accessible anymore....

So, now we applied for our own domain name, not bound to a fysical room, so we can change the IP number of the new margo name (it's the name of our former flat cat) without anyone having trouble accessing our pages !

15 April 1997

14 April 1997

2 April 1997

27 Februari 1997

23 Februari 1997

9 December 1996

1 November 1996

Included some of Filip Gieszczykiewicz's FAQ's and component info files
(including zipped versions) in the componen directory :

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