The Hardware Book is mirrored and is available at the following locations.

USA Mainsite. Webspace provided by Karl Asha.
USA provided by Alan Crandall.
USA, Memphis Webspace provided by Spock.
USA, Connecticut Webspace provided by Power-Users BBS
USA Webspace provided by BleeNET.
Korea Webspace provided by Kim Chang-Hyun.
Africa For use by African users only.
Sweden Provided by SUNET, Swedish University Network.
Sweden Scandinavian mirror provided by ZettWeb
Sweden Webspace provided by Dataplus
Norway Just another mirror in Europe.
Finland Mirror.
Denmark An European mirror of HwB
United Kingdom UK Mirror of HwB
Germany Mirror.
Italy Another European mirror of HwB
Italy A Hwb mirror site provided by Politecnico di Milano
Netherlands Webspace provided by Stefan Wieman on Margo.
Portugal Provided by LWP, Linux Wizard Project by Nuno Loureiro
Czech Republic Webspace provided by UniBASE
Czech Republic Mirror at SunSITE Czech Republic
Croatia Mirror.
Greece CyberNet On-Line Services
Greece National Technical University of Athens, GREECE
Russia Russian mirror. Weekdays only.
Austria Mirror.

Send me a mail if you are interested in hosting a mirror for the Hardware Book.

(C) Joakim Ögren 1996,1997